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Manhattan Impound Towing NYC 


You step outside and your car is gone! Your car was probably towed by either: DOT (traffic), NYPD ( Police), the city marshal or sheriff. You must contact your local police precint to assist you in locating your car.


Reasons your vehicle could be towed away: Expired inspection or regestrastion,parked on bus stop, no parking anytime, firehydrant, school, church, hospital, federal building, fire house,  street closure, construction site, block party, relocate, repo and differnt events. 


Keep in mind a private tow company can remove your vehicle from a private driveway and lastly your vehicle could have been stolen.

         Erie Basan auto pound NYC            



On the following days the NYPD tow pounds are closed and people will NOT be able to redeem vehicles: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. 



Opens on Mondays at 7 am and is open all day every day (24 hours) until Sunday when it closes at 5AM.

Pier 76 at West 38th Street & 12th Avenue


We are a licensed medallion company available whenever needed. We service cars, suv's, motorcycles, and light duty trucks. Long and short distances is always an option.

Please call ahead of time to allow travelling time due to traffic delays. 
No matter the time, day or weather condition we will respond. Call Us For A Price Quote.



Retrieving a Towed Vehicle

When retrieving a towed vehicle, bring the following items with you to the Tow Pound: 

  • Current vehicle registration certificate

  • Valid driver's license

  • Current insurance card for the vehicle

Vehicles may only be released to the registered owners, their spouses, or their authorized representatives. In order to be considered an authorized representative for the vehicle's owner, you must have authorization in writing, with the notarized signature of the registered owner. A vehicle will not be released if there are parking judgments against it. You must pay the judgment amount to the Parking Violations Bureau before redeeming your vehicle. Parking tickets cannot be paid at the tow pound. 

Towing Fees

The towing fees are: 

  • Regular Tow fee: $185.00

  • Heavy Duty Tow fee: $370.00

  • Overnight Storage fee: $20.00

  • Immobilization Devise (Boot): $185.00

NOTE: If the vehicle is not redeemed on the same day that it was towed, an additional overnight storage charge of $20 will be charged to the vehicle each night the vehicle is held at the Tow Pound.

The accepted forms of payment are: 

  • Cash

  • Certified Check - payable to NYC Police Department

  • ATM Bank Debit Card that allows withdrawals from checking accounts only (e.g. NYC, MAC, etc.)

  • Money Order or Traveler's checks(all parts must be presented)

  • Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa

NOTE: The longest waiting times to retrieve a vehicle occur during noon and late afternoon hours. 

NYPD | Precincts - Transit Districts - Housing PSAs




1st Precinct (212) 334-061116 Ericsson Place

5th Precinct (212) 334-071119 Elizabeth Street

6th Precinct (212) 741-4811233 West 10 Street

7th Precinct (212) 477-731119 1/2 Pitt Street

9th Precinct (212) 477-7811321 East 5 Street

10th Precinct (212) 741-8211230 West 20th Street

13th Precinct (212) 477-7411230 East 21st Street

Midtown So. Pct.(212) 239-9811357 West 35th Street 

17th Precinct (212) 826-3211167 East 51st Street

Midtown No. Pct.(212) 767-8400306 West 54th Street

19th Precinct (212) 452-0600153 East 67th Street

20th Precinct (212) 580-6411120 West 82nd Street

Central Park Pct.(212) 570-482086th St & Transverse Road 

23rd Precinct (212) 860-6411162 East 102nd Street

24th Precinct (212) 678-1811151 West 100th Street

25th Precinct (212) 860-6511120 East 119th Street

26th Precinct (212) 678-1311520 West 126th Street

28th Precinct (212) 678-16112271-89 8th Avenue

30th Precinct (212) 690-8811451 West 151st Street

32nd Precinct (212) 690-6311250 West 135th Street

33rd Precinct (212) 927-32002207 Amsterdam Avenue

34th Precinct (212) 927-97114295 Broadway


Support Your Local Precincts

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