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Pet Friendly 


Louie an animal lover and owner/driver of Louie Towing Inc. is happy to inform owners of pets that your pets are accepted on tow trips. Most towing companies do not provide accommodation for your pets but we do,. So don’t worry I am here for you. Remember your mascot is like a child so always travel prepared. I say prepare because even if you are travelling short distance, you can get stuck with your vehicle and waiting for a tow truck can be a challenge under particular days or time. Here are some popular things to consider.


1- A Blanket.2- A large plastic bag to put under blanket.3- Prescribed or non-prescribed medications. 4- Small amount of food in an enclosed container.5- Small bottle of water plus a bowl.6- Pet's favorite toy.7- A cage if it’s a cat.8- If dog is aggressive bring a mossil and in some cases you can sit on rear of truck together.9- Try to Install a reflector tape on paint on collar or leach. This protects the pet from getting hit by car or a bike if the pet gets loose.



Mommy Louie Loves ME!

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