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Manhattan NYC Tire Change Useful Tips Guide: Before you get a flat tire you should prepare for one

Manhattan NYC Tire Change Useful Tips Guide: Before you get a flat tire you should prepare for one

Manhattan NYC Tire Change Useful Tips Guide: Before you get a flat tire you should prepare for one … A ) Carry in your trunk a good or new tire for a spare. The tire should be 10 points pressure over the recommended tire pressure in your manual. This extra pressure of air keeps a tight seal around the tire and rim. Carry a 4 way lug wrench (this type of wrench has the best leverage and balance.) Carry an owner’s manual for referencing best specifications and a set of working gloves for safety and grip. Carry a flash light for visibility when dark. Air pressure gauze is good to adjust the proper air pressure on spare when ready to use and also check others periodically. Two blocks of wood approximately (the size of a brick) for extra safety if emergency brakes are in poor condition. A screwdriver is a useful tool for prying, and a mallet for knocking off rusty rims. A floor mat to lie on that can to protect you against glass and debris on the ground. Triangles and flares will keep other motorist from possibly driving into you. A 10w40 penetrating oil spray is a good maintenance way to keep & loosen tight lug nuts. Finally a box of baby wipes with alcohol keeps your hands clean so your grip on the steering wheel will be safer when you finish replacing the tire and start driving. B) There are two types of flats. The flat you find on a vehicle that is parked and the flat that one will acquire while driving. C) Let’s talk about a flat or blowout while driving. If you are driving on street and notice tire problem. Put your emergency lights on and proceed to the closest, most lighted and not too close curb site. Pick the ground area to be cement, asphalt or dry dirt as a last choice. If flat is on the driver side then, do not park close to curb. The ground should be level. D) Let’s talk about a flat found on a parked vehicle. If flat is located by the passenger side of your vehicle, then start your vehicle and drive it away from the curve site approximately 3 feet between tire and curve site to allow workspace. E) Now we are ready to change the flat. 1 – Open and keep open your trunk or hatchback door. 2 - Shut off your engine and take keys with you. 3 – Put on your hazard lights. 4 – Put on your emergency parking brake tightly. Go and put reflective triangle or flares at least one car space behind your vehicle. 5 - Put the block of wood in front and rear of same tire on same side opposite of flat tire. 6 – Take the 4 way log and proceed to crack open logs. If too tight spray each one with 10w40 penetrating oil. Wait for 3 minutes and re-try. You might have to use your feet on one side and your hand on the other for those who are very tight. F- Proceed to jack up the vehicle, if not sure of the jack position – do check with the owner’s manual. G – Remove the spare tire – if you cannot find it refer to your owner’s manual for directions. H – Once spare tire is out, use the tire air gauge to set proper recommended air pressure. If needed remove air – you can use a pen and push down on the tire valve. I – Remove all lugs of from flat tire (keep them together and not too close to you. If tire does not come out after removal of lugs, then put your floor mat on the ground by flat tire. While laying down use your mallet to hit the rim form the rear side towards out. That’s the rust due to salt and corrosion on the neck of the hub. (Remember counter clock turn to loosen the lugs.) J – Once flat is removed it is suggested to spray 10w40 spray on lugs again and center hub. Proceed to install the good spare. Put back the lugs and tighten only. Then lower the jack to a position where the tire is resting on the ground. This way will allow stability when tightening. Once nice and tight you can lower the jack completely and remove. After putting all things back in your trunk, lastly remove your reflectors and flares. K - Now when everything is secure in the trunk you can take out your baby wipes and clean your hands. This makes your grip on steering wheel proper and keeping your vehicle clean is also wise. Thank you for taking the time to read this tip. Hoping all of you motorist always take time to educate yourselves on do it yourself projects pertaining to your safety and that of other motorists. Louie Towing Inc. 24 Hours 7 Days a Week. Available to service you with a smile. Thank You Flat Tire Brooklyn NY Flat Tire Manhattan NYC

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