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Impound Towing



On the following days the NYPD tow pounds are closed and people will NOT be able to redeem vehicles:

                                        New Years Day
                                         Memorial Day
                                           4th of July
                                           Labor Day
                                       Thanksgiving Day
                                         Christmas Day


We are a lincensed medallion company available whenever needed. We will service cars, suv's, motorcycles, and light duty trucks. Long and short distance is always a choice.

Please call ahead of time to allow travelling time due to traffic.
No matter the time, day or wheather condition we will respond.


                                      Erie Basin Auto Pound


Opens on Mondays at 7 am and is open all day every day (24 hours) until Sunday when it closes at 5AM.

                           Pier 76 at West 38th Street & 12th Avenue

Whether you get towed away by NYPD or DOT Louie Towing

will be there to pick you up (just call us)......

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